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Design of an AR app for sharing experiences and storytelling through digital and physical assets.



My Role

UX Researcher, Designer , Developer, User Journey,



Unity, Vuforia Plugin, Maya, Adobe suite, Sketch

Team Size

1 member


The main goal of this project was using technology to create an interactive platform for storytelling and experience sharing. Using this Augmented reality app users would be able to use universal tokens to share their stories in a basic level or elaborate on them in an advanced level.


Users would have the chance to design their story in a co-design session, enrich their stories with interactive elements and record it for sharing on media. They would have the option to personalize their experience by adding animation, sound, 3D visuals to the universal tokens in the AR space. Having these additional features would enhance the experience exchange and would equip users with a more emotional and engaging storytelling experience.


The implications of this app would be co-design and therapy sessions or any other process that benefits from storytelling. Also, by expanding the features of this app and having more personalized options it would be suitable for circumstances like therapy sessions for kids or as an interactive storyboarding tool. 


This research was triggered based on  interviews with cancer survivors with chronic pains. One the major interests of patients and survivors was sharing their stories and experiences with other patients and survivors. This process enabled them to build community and create their own support group. The experience sharing process included their journey from diagnosis towards treatment and  survivorship.  This idea led to design of an app to create an engaging platform for storytelling and experience sharing.


Gathering feedback from users was one of essential aspects of this project. This led to experimenting with different menu and filtering options. The filter menu would enable the users to choose a specific category of markers and eliminate the rest. due to the limited space on the phone screen, filter options had to be hidden. Eventually, two options were designed and evaluated. Due to the feedbacks best features of both options were combined as one. Also, to prepare a better context, a simple journey map was created that could be labeled based on the specific needs of users.

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