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Design of a small Electric car to address the needs of Tehran citizen for sustainable personal transportation.



My Role

Researcher, Designer , Persona, User Journey,



Solidworks, Rhino, Keyshot, Adobe suite

Team Size

1 member

White space shows an opportunity for a new unique product.


This project aims to propose two concept small city cars based on Tehran citizen’s growing need for personal transport in the future, and the necessity to introduce a sustainable alternative to the current practice of mobility.

Tehran city has 22 zones and every day people travel between these zones that causes various problems like heavy traffic, air pollution, and fuel waste. Iranian people have a tendency to use a personal car with only one passenger, which is also one of the main causes of the traffic


The first phase was a general research on the condition of mobility and transportation in Tehran, mobility problems in this city, the advantages and disadvantages of various city transportation systems were carried out. During this research special attention was paid to the habits and behaviors of people while using different means of transport and detailed observations recorded for reference. The second phase was basically about studying, selecting and surveying a prominent target user group of such vehicles and analyzing the obtained information to conclude a design direction that would base the concept generation effort in the third phase. The target group was students and employees between the ages of 45-20 years.


Study of current products is one of the major areas of understanding the design gap and white space. This process provided a visual understanding of the product’s form and functionality. In this case current car dashboards were analyzed in four dimensions of Off-road vs. On-road and Economy vs. Prestige


The dashboard was 3D printed with FDM method, in a small scale, in order to get a better sense of general shape and ratios.

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